ccQuality coding will support efficient health service delivery, research, funding analysis and allocation and clinical improvement.

Medrah provides the following services for clinical coding:

Transition between coding systems:

We are experienced in transitioning between coding systems (eg. ICD9 and ICD10) and can help you and your team confidently move to international best practice standards.


For clinical coders who are beginners studying for certification or coders wanting to maintain a high standard of coding skills and knowledge in an ever changing health environment.

Audit (codes, processes and funding):

Ensure the accuracy of your coding and identify areas for documentation improvement with coding audits provided by experienced auditors. This ensures that the quality of your data and documentation supports business decisions and funding requirements.

Clinical coders (contractors / consultants / manpower):

Clinical coders are available for short and long term contracts to assist with meeting coding timeframes, mentoring your current coding workforce to ensure your coders are accurately allocating codes according to current coding guidelines and standards.

Mandatory reporting (workflows, accuracy, education related to funding and billing):

Identify areas where documentation and coding practices can be improved to ensure all funding and billing requirements are met.